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Monday, April 13, 2015

Joey Meets Manfred

We are on day four with the newest member of our family, Manfred, a.k.a. Manny. He is 8 weeks old today and the Grandson of our 11 year old girl Joey. They are American Water Spaniels and the breed is Wisconsin's state dog. The initial meeting went well but by the end of day two Joey figured out he was staying. She wasn't sure she liked that and showed her displeasure by banning him from the toys. That didn't last long because I put them up. He continued to try and charm her by pouncing at  her, yipping, following her around whenever he could and snuggling up to her when she sat still. I think he has won her over. She is still having to rumble at him now and then to keep him in line. Things are heading in the right direction though and they have the toys back.

Taking a break after a romp outside.

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